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As a professional networking platform, LinkedIn is one of the most efficient tools for reaching new audiences and growing your brand. Despite this, many digital marketing agencies continue to focus their efforts on online advertising channels geared toward B2C product sales. Of the agencies that do focus on LinkedIn, many rely on spam messages and bots to generate traffic.
Can this method get you unique traffic and views? Probably. Will this traffic be ready to hop on a sales call with your team? Almost certainly not.

Soul Marketing offers a better way forward.
We don’t just generate a large pool of targeted leads…we generate a large pool of targeted leads and then qualify them so that only the warmest, most relevant ones make it through to your business.
It’s like having an in-house LinkedIn marketing department at a fraction of the expected cost.
Working exclusively with LinkedIn and email, our B2B lead generation specialists combine advanced knowledge of LinkedIn’s unique search algorithm with platform-specific best practices.
The result? High-value organic content and paid PPC ad campaigns that reach your target audience’s feed and make a lasting impression.Our trusted, transparent lead generation and qualification process is perfect for small businesses, startups, sales representatives, influencers, PR firms, and agencies, to name just a few of our clients.From paid to organic, we specialize in all aspects of LinkedIn outreach and know what it takes to get results.

LinkedIn Outreach & Lead Gen

Your Virtual Sales Development Representative

Want to grow your sales pipeline without growing your sales team? As your virtual LinkedIn SDR, Soul Marketing leverages in-depth knowledge of the platform to establish connections with hundreds of targeted leads. We then leverage human insight and expertise to funnel only the best prospects through to your sales team.
On average, this translates to at least 8-12 quality calls booked per month.
Unlike other boutique digital marketing agencies, which typically offer services covering multiple different platforms, our team is dedicated exclusively to generating and qualifying leads using LinkedIn and email outreach. Our laser-focused, high-ROI approach handles the legwork to funnel warm, sales-call-ready leads through to your inbox. All you and your sales team need to do is close the deal.
Ready to simplify your sales process with quality leads hand-selected and qualified for your organization? Book a free consultation today to get started.

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Full Transparency

To keep our communication effective we do not use any confusing terminology. You own all the data and can access it 24/7. We keep simple.

LinkedIn Outreach


We find, qualify and connect with up to 400 potential leads per month using LinkedIn. This usually results in 8-12 and sometimes more quality calls booked.

LinkedIN & Email Outreach


We find, qualify and connect with up to 600 potential leads per month using LinkedIn & Email. This usually results in 12-20 and sometimes more quality appointment booked.



I'm snowed under with work!
Your outreach plus the awareness campaign I had in December - made a real impact.
I would like us to continue with the outreach please.
*** Lihi Pinto, Founder & CEO, Triple and Co***


If you are looking for a true Linkedin professional to boost your B2B marketing and lead gen efforts - Ariel is your guyWhile I was the Digital Marketing Manager at a multinational pharma company Ariel and the SOUL Marketing team provided LinkedIn Outreach, LinkedIn Content and LinkedIn PPC services to us.We were extremely happy with the level of service, communication and the results they successfully produced for us; All in a relatively short amount of time. I'm happy to recommend Ariel and the SOUL Marketing team.I kept contact with Ariel after working together, good providers are hard to find!Noam Maimoni, Director - Digital & Online Marketing at TAPI - Teva Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Public Relations

We warmly endorse Ariel Levin's services as a LinkedIn marketer.His highly targeted strategies and tactics leveraging a niche-by-niche approach – mirroring our own philosophy - have rapidly increased our SQLs.We recommend him to our clients.Amy Kenigsberg, Cofounder and COO, K2 Global Communications

Medical Devices

Ariel Levin and his team were successful in accurately identifying valuable prospects across Europe and converting many of them into interested leads.They did this within a short time frame, with minimal work on our side and while keeping a relatively low cost per lead.To accomplish this in the field of medical devices is no easy feat since we serve extremely specific niches hence the pool of available prospects and leads is rather limited.I'll be happy to recommend Ariel to any B2B company that is looking for help with their LinkedIn marketing and email outreach.Eran Meiraz, Global Sales, Cnoga Medical

Meet our CEO

CEO and founder Ariel Levin launched Soul Marketing to help businesses capitalize on the amazing lead generation potential of LinkedIn marketing. Having developed a passion for advertising and marketing while studying at Auckland University of Technology in New Zealand, he wanted to provide a service that focused exclusively on qualifying leads within the platform – his original vision was to essentially become an auxiliary LinkedIn specialist for clients across the globe.After moving to Israel in [2011], Ariel recruited a small, highly-specialized team and got to work developing a system for finding, identifying, and qualifying leads via LinkedIn and email outreach.
Today, Soul Marketing has evolved to provide clients across multiple sectors with a cost-effective virtual method for growing their sales pipeline without expanding their in-house sales team. With clients as far as Texas and thousands of high-value leads generated in just 10 years, the results of this speak for themselves.
When he isn’t hard at work mastering the intricacies of the LinkedIn platform and looking for new ways to innovate and expand his business, Ariel enjoys mountain biking, swimming, reading, and spending time with his wife Irit and daughters Ronya and Zohar.
An avowed nature lover, he believes strongly in sustainability, recycling, and fighting climate change.

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